In a world that is driven by career accolades and certifications, we could simply articulate Giulia’s extensive resume in an effort to win you over.

With over 10 years experience working in the field of health and wellness, and a lengthy career in leadership & development at lululemon, Giulia is defined by everything but her CV.

As a high perceiving youth growing up in a family of alcoholism, Giulia was faced with challenges of deep darkness which entail prompted awareness and personal insight early on. Through a 20 year journey of soulful expansion and inquiry, Giulia has worked through healing her own personal chapters and pain of abuse, anorexia, depression, and trauma. 

Giulia’s purpose is to see others through to living their best possible life, “her pure love and joy for helping you feel your best is unlike anyone I have met before”. Her grounded nature combined with her vibrancy and passion are a perfect partnership for any person’s journey, "there is something so magical about what she is up to and I just want more". 

Within moments of connecting with Giulia, it’ll be evident to see that Giulia was born to go deep.