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Body Image & Confidence expert, Healer, Teacher, Motivational speaker

In a world driven by career accolades and certifications, we could simply articulate giulia's extensive resume in an effort to win you over. 

With over 10 years experience working in the field of health and wellness, and a lengthy career in leadership & development at lululemon, Giulia is defined by everything but her CV.

As a high perceiving youth growing up in a family of alcoholism, Giulia was faced with challenges of deep darkness which entail prompted awareness and personal insight early on. Through a 20 year journey of soulful expansion and inquiry, Giulia has worked through healing her own personal chapters and pain of abuse, anorexia, depression, and trauma. 

Giulia’s purpose is to see others through to living their best possible life, “her pure love and joy for helping you feel your best is unlike anyone I have met before”. Her grounded nature combined with her vibrancy and passion are a perfect partnership for any person’s journey, "there is something so magical about what she is up to and I just want more". 

Within moments of connecting with Giulia, it’ll be evident to see that Giulia was born to go deep.

all the confidence you'll ever need is inside you waiting to be unleashed


I see you. 

I feel you. 

I'm here because of you


I grew up in an alcoholic home believing I wasn’t worthy and that had to be a more “perfect” version of myself in order to be “good enough” and worthy of love and attention. 

Even though I was a super achiever, nothing was ever good enough, I never celebrated or acknowledged anything I did because it could always be better. 


I lived in a prison of my own negative thoughts and constantly thought I had to “perfect” in every aspect of my life in order to be worthy of friends, relationships, the right job, you name it.


 I believed having the perfect body was my key to happiness and success. I suffered from an eating disorder, constant dissatisfaction with my body, addictions to overexercising, binge eating and restricting, and even went as far as getting plastic surgery to chase the confidence and worthiness that I desired.




I experienced a sexual trauma in my young adult life, which created an even bigger block for me with intimacy and feeling safe, and worthy with men. This continued to make me feel that I had to change who I was in order to be loved. I always seemed to attract the wrong men and even when I was in relationships feared they would leave me for someone "better". 

I spent thousands of dollars on diets, exercise programs, personal trainers, clothes, and beauty products and even surgery to try and achieve the appearance I thought I had to have. I was so scared that if men in to really "see me" I wouldn't be good enough so I tried to be "perfect" in all ways to avoid criticism judgment and rejection. 
I pushed my body so hard that I endured a severe injury during my career as a fitness instructor which sent my body into adrenal failure, chronic insomnia, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, crippling anxiety and depression.

I’ve been in countless dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships that have been a mirror of my level of self worth after being single for 4 years I was convinced I would never find someone who would find me to be worthy.


 Despite my countless achievements in my career and otherwise, I never felt good enough and was still haunted with low self-worth. 


I spent more time overachieving and obsessing over perfection than I did actually letting go and enjoying my life and really celebrating the real me. 

I reached the point of being suicidal from the incessant anxiety of feeling inadequate and 




I tapped into my inner rebel. 

I realized that my drive to rebel against these patterns and belief systems was so strong that I knew I could overcome it all. 


I decided that I wasn’t going to spend another day suffering and was instead going to be a leader to help women across the world!  I was so sick and tired of this pandemic of suffering knowing that 91% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies and felt SO compelled to support a different statistic. 


I learned that the only way out wasn't to keep focusing on the outside but instead to heal the thought patterns that were keeping me stuck in this agonizing prison.  


It became SO clear to me that it wasn't just my body image that was suffering it was EVERY SINGLE AREA OF MY LIFE. 


In my weakest of moments the Universe pointed me in the direction of Emotional Freedom Techniques and this modality was the missing link to my healing journey. I didn't know what the hell it was but I trusted the signs. Working with a practitioner consistently allowed me to unlock the  healing and freedom I needed to get me out of my prison and depression. The changes I experienced were unlike ANYTHING I've ever felt before despite my 15 year journey in therapy, healing and personal development. 


I was so BLOWN away by how much my confidence, my body, my relationships, my happiness and life had transformed that I decided to become a certified practitioner so I could help other women experience the same freedom. 


I overcame my binge eating and restricting eating patterns that I had for 15+ years, I overcame my fear of intimacy, my obsession with exercise, my crippling anxiety around being in a bathing suit and told my inner critic to F right off. 

I developed love, appreciation, and unshakeable confidence for not just my body but my entire self. 


I ditched the chronic anxiety and stress from constantly putting myself down and started getting the best sleeps of my life (after months of insomnia), and having the energy to go after anything and everything. I successfully quit my 100K salary job that I hated, stepped into my courage and my dream of starting my own company. 


I grew my business from 2K months into consistent 10K months with ZERO business experience. I stopped constantly comparing myself to everyone else and instead started owning, embracing and loving my unique gifts and talents! I healed my relationship patterns and was able to attract partners into my life that mirrored my worth and literally came straight off the page in my journal of what I had always “dreamed of”. 


I leveraged my 10 + years of experience in the health and wellness industry, my skills as a Certified Coach, Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Certified Master Energy Healer to help me lead the way out. 


I used a combination of these modalities to heal and rewire my addictive thought patterns and overcome my obsession with exercise and incessant negative chatter & anxiety about my body. 

 I rebelled against all the bullshit limiting beliefs and past stories and experiences that were holding my self-worth hostage, and started owning my unique courage and confidence! 


And I wasn’t going to let it stop with me. I set out on a mission. I am on a mission to stop being one of the countless people who suffer and instead create a community of women who rebel against their self-sabotaging patterns and low self-worth and up-level their worth to live the life that they deserve! Because YOU DESERVE IT ALL! 



with us!