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END the battle with your body and your confidence,

so you can stop hiding and be the BABE that you are!


Hey Rebel!

The Universe brought you here for a powerful reason. You’ve been stuck in the same battle with yourself for years & you can’t deal with the pain anymore. 
The insecuritycomparison and feeling like you're not enough shows up in your relationships, your career, your body and it's drowning your self-worth. The anxiety & sadness is real and you're scared you'll never break through this.
You still pick your body apartstill obsess over your reflection in the mirror, still obsess over exercise and food and still battle with self-sabotaging behaviours like binge eating. When is it ever going to end?! 
It's time to cut the cords with insecurity
It’s time to STOP the SELF-DOUBT cycle
It's time to STOP HIDING
What if you could have the confidence to go after EVERYTHING YOU WANT? 
It's time to take your power back and unleash the unstoppable confidence that is the key to making literally EVERYTHING happen in your life. 
Are you ready to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE  like never before? Are you ready to wake up crying with so much love and gratitude for a life that you literally never thought was possible? Are you ready to watch your entire life literally transform right in front of you
Are you ready to be a REBEL? Let’s do this!


My emotional wellbeing has improved significantly and it supported me to be able to fully step into the truth of who I am” 

Hannah Ireland


(I got you.)

  • FED UP with that inner voice telling you you’re NOT good enough, your body isn't good enough, and it's spilling into your relationships, career, dating & self-confidence!??

  • SICK & TIRED of  hating on your body comparing yourself to everyone envying else's body but your own?  

  • DONE WITH feeling like your self-worth is chained to how your body looks when you KNOW you are SO much more!

  • SO OVER holding yourself back from experiences and SO much in life because of your lack of confidence?

  • SO SCARED of putting yourself out there because you don't want to be judged or told you're not good enough?

  • HAUNTED by binge eating and self-sabotaging behaviours, and getting stuck in an anxiety-shame spiral?

  • FED UP with feeling like the only way to love yourself and to feel more worthy is to exercise more and eat less?

  • READY TO  be unapologetically YOU and to stop HIDING?

  • DESPERATE TO stop doubting yourself, putting yourself down and FINALLY have the WILD CONFIDENCE to put yourself OUT THERE in every single area of your life?





“In the last three months working one-on-one with Giulia, I have felt the most intense up-levelling/ growth spurt of my life"

Emily Dickinson

Are you ready to cut the cords of insecurity and say YES to confidence?

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Believing you're NOT GOOD ENOUGH
HIDING because you're SO scared of rejection
HOLDING yourself back from SO many opportunities
LIVING in the SHADOW of your life



ANXIETY every time you go out for a meal or skip a workout
CRINGING when you see yourself naked in a mirror or in your bathing suit 
CRYING tears of self hate & disappointment


BREAK THIS TOXIC MINDSET you've been imprisoned by for years
FORGIVE YOURSELF and treat you and your body with the love you deserve
FEEL LOVE, BREATHE LOVE through every cell of your body
Hear "DAYUMM" when see yourself naked in the mirror
END the all consuming obsessive food/exercise cycle 
CRY tears of gratitude for this NEW abundant love filled life.



from the chronic anxiety cycle and pain of unworthiness and insecurity 




Being a MAGNET for everything you truly deserve in your life!
THE BOLD CONFIDENCE you never thought was possible
THE RELATIONSHIP you deserve and have always dreamed of
THE COURAGE to literally make everything happen in your life
THE ABUNDANCE you deserve in our career
  FEELING SEXY AF in not only your body but your WHOLE self



My Promise? 

We're gonna make it ALL HAPPEN


LOVING your body


put the days of

self-criticism and
self-sabotage behind you.


speak your truth louder than ever before


make WAY more $$$ and have the courage to go after what you want in your career


get the relationship you truly want and deserve?


TRULY LOVE yourself and find love and peace with your body and food


Let Me Show You How

Let's Make it Happen. BOOK YOUR CALL!

"I am so grateful for my time working with Giulia. Our sessions helped me break down blocks of self-doubt, unworthiness and feeling stuck and this has helped me to feel empowered and take ownership in both my personal and professional life. Giulia has such a heartwarming way of holding you in compassion, while also guiding you to see the best version of you that is possible. Having her by my side I feel like there isn't anything I couldn't work through. Couldn’t recommend her enough!"

Kelsey Corey

I see you,

I feel you,

and I'm here because of you.

Why I'm Here...

I completely unraveled

I grew up in an alcoholic home believing I wasn’t worthy and that had to be a more “perfect” version of myself in order to be “good enough” and worthy of love and attention. 

Even though I was a super achiever, nothing was ever good enough, I never celebrated or acknowledged anything I did because it could always be better. 

I lived in a prison of my own negative thoughts and constantly thought I had to “perfect” in every aspect of my life in order to be worthy of friends, relationships, the right job, you name it.

I believed having the perfect body was my key to happiness and success. I suffered from an eating disorder, constant dissatisfaction with my body, addictions to overexercising, binge eating and restricting, and even went as far as getting plastic surgery to chase the confidence and worthiness that I desired.


I experienced a sexual trauma in my early 20s, which created an even bigger block for me with intimacy and feeling safe and worthy with men. I kept feeling I had to change who I was in order to be loved. I always seemed to attract the wrong men and even when I was in relationships feared they would leave me for someone "better".

I spent thousands of dollars on diets, exercise programs, personal trainers, clothes, and beauty products and even surgery to try and achieve the appearance I thought I had to have. I was so scared I wasn't good enough so I tried to be "perfect" in all ways to avoid criticism judgment and rejection. 

I pushed my body so hard that I endured a severe injury during my career as a fitness instructor which sent my body into adrenal exhaustion, chronic insomnia, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, crippling anxiety and depression.

Despite my countless achievements in my career and otherwise, I never felt good enough and was still haunted with low self-worth. 

I spent more time overachieving and obsessing over perfection than I did actually letting go and enjoying my life and really celebrating the real me.  I held myself back from SO many experiences in my life from this comparison, self-doubt and insecurity cycle. 

I reached the point of being suicidal from the incessant anxiety of feeling inadequate and 


So What Changed?

I tapped in to my inner rebel

I realized that my drive to rebel against these patterns and belief systems was so strong that I knew I could overcome it all. 

I decided that I wasn’t going to spend another day suffering and was instead going to be a leader to help women across the world!  I was so sick and tired of this pandemic of suffering knowing that 91% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies and felt SO compelled to support a different statistic. 

I learned that the only way out wasn't to keep focusing on the outside but instead to heal the thought patterns that were keeping me stuck in this agonizing prison.  

It became SO clear to me that it wasn't just my body image that was suffering it was EVERY SINGLE AREA OF MY LIFE.  My lack of confidence and self-worth was poisoning every single area o my life.  

In my weakest of moments the Universe pointed me in the direction of Emotional Freedom Techniques and Reiki Energy healing and these modalities were the missing link to my healing journey. Working with a practitioner consistently allowed me to unlock the  healing and freedom I needed to get me out of my prison and depression. The changes I experienced were unlike ANYTHING I've ever felt before despite my 15 year journey in therapy, healing and personal development. 

I used a combination of these modalities to heal and rewire my addictive thought patterns and overcome my obsession with exercise and incessant negative chatter & anxiety about my body. 

overcame my binge eating and restricting eating patterns that I had for 15+ years, I overcame my fear of intimacy, my obsession with exercise, my struggles with men and putting myself out there, my crippling anxiety around my body, my blocks with finances, my past trauma and told my inner critic to F right off. Literally every single area of my life changed.

I developed love, appreciation, and unshakeable confidence for not just my body but my entire self. I literally never thought that was possible. 

 I ditched the chronic anxiety and stress from constantly putting myself down and started getting the best sleeps of my life (after months of insomnia), and having the energy to go after anything and everything. I successfully quit my 100K salary job that I hated, stepped into my courage and my dream of starting my own company. 

I grew my business from 2K months into consistent 10K months with ZERO business experience. I stopped constantly comparing myself to everyone else and instead started owning, embracing and loving my unique gifts and talents! I healed my relationship patterns and was able to attract partners into my life that mirrored my worth and literally came straight off the page in my journal of what I had always “dreamed of”. 

I leveraged my 10 + years of experience in the health and wellness industry, my skills as a Certified Coach, Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Certified Master Energy Healer to help me lead the way out. 

I rebelled against all the bullshit limiting beliefs and past stories and experiences that were holding my self-worth hostage, and started owning my unique courage and confidence! 

And I wasn’t going to let it stop with me. I set out on a mission. I've been on this mission for the past 10 years and I've never let this vision leave my heart. 

I am on a mission to continue building a community of women who reclaim their unstoppable confidence by rebelling against self-sabotaging patterns, low self-worth and cutting the cords with insecurity.  

So what do you think, are you ready to stop hiding? 

Are you ready to be a rebel? 




END EMOTIONAL EATING, LOVE YOUR BODY, HEAL your relationship to food and exercise, naturally lose weight and develop KILLER CONFIDENCE


This is the 12 week plan to live by

When you join THE BRAZEN BODY BREAKTHROUGH you unlock access to:

  • Our proven 12 week program where we work intensively 1:1 to overcome your emotional eating, self-sabotaging behaviours with food and exercise, and help you to love your body and step into killer life-changing confidence!
  • ​​Weekly 1:1 Brazen Transformation Sessions in person (or Zoom) so you get incredible results and build a level of confidence that transforms not only your relationship with yourself, but your life as a whole.
  • ​Exclusive access to a members only, online Confidence portal where you unlock a proven system of meditations, videos, manifesting exercises, reiki healing, to take your healing and transformation to the next level! (Valued at 2K alone)
  • ​Top guidance and support to hold you to the top level of accountability so you maximize your progress and ensure you never feel stuck or alone.
  • ​Access to incredible results based exercises and tools to support you to gain confidence, experience greater relationships, and a level of happiness that you truly deserve.
  • ​ A one of a kind program combining three incredible modalities leading the way in the field of energy psychology & personal transformation.
  • ​VIP EXPERIENCE is 1:1, we also have a small group course offering!
Let's Change Your Life. BOOK YOUR CALL

Why This is a NO BRAINER

Confidence is the only key to making everything happen in your life.


you will unlock a level of confidence you never thought possible.


  • Once you're in, you have lifetime access to the portal and all the content!
  • You can take the learning at your own pace! And you'll have so many incredible resources to work through even after the 12 weeks are over.  
  • ​You won't find this level of accountability out there. I am SO committed to your growth and I won't leave your side. 
  • ​Let's be honest, it's costing you WAY MORE to be stuck in self-doubt and insecurity. It's showing up literally everywhere in your life (your career, your relationships, your health) and I guarantee you've spent countless dollars on numbing the pain and programs that don't work. These shifts are literally life changing and like my clients, you'll be telling me this was the best money you've ever spent on yourself. I am confident you will make your money back from this tuition in your career alone within 6 months from these results. 
  • ​You get immediate VIP access to any new trainings and workshops I put on. I'm updating content every single month!  
  • ​There are easy payment plans available to make this accessible for you
  • ​This isn't just "another program" this is a life transformation. 
Let's Change Your Life. BOOK YOUR CALL

You Can Have It All!

​ Most practitioners focus on just one area, or try to focus on too many leaving you with sub-par results. 

The Brazen signature system will take you through a customized journey in up-levelling your confidence with your body image, your relationships and your career (because it's ALL interlinked) so you can experience complete and total self worth in every area of your life!  

I'm Ready to Level-Up. BOOK MY CALL

How this Magic Works!

Energy Healing

We use energy healing so we can clear blocks at an emotional, physical and mental level. We restore and balance the body's energy field to support boosting your metabolism, mood, energy and sleep. By removing the energy blockages in your body and stimulating the flow of energy, we allow the body to heal old wounds and thought patterns, and redirect the energy to your new empowered beliefs and behaviours.  


Energy Psychology

Emotional Freedom Techniques is one of the main modalities we use.  

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a cutting-edge, scientifically-proven mind/body technique that INSTANTLY stops the stress response. Over 100 peer-reviewed, scientific studies have demonstrated its efficacy in treating anxiety, overwhelm, depression, trauma, addictions, body image issues, chronic health issues, poor eating habits, pain, athletic performance and challenges around money, relationships or career


This shit works. 

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Meet the beautiful souls who are already stepping into Brazen Confidence


All in less time it takes to binge watch your favourite tv show!

Lencha N.


"I chose to go to see Giulia because there were a few areas in my life where I was feeling stuck. The healing was an amazing and transformative experience for me. I went to Giulia feeling stuck and what I found was more then I could’ve imagined. Giulia was incredibly nurturing and heard what I needed more than I could. I felt such a release that continued on into my life. Brazen Soul Rebellion was a transformative experience. I can’t wait to continue on with Brazen."



"My days of calorie counting and dieting are over. I don't indulge in any self sabotaging behaviours anymore. I'm the most confident I've ever been in my body image and life."

Tali S.


“Before I started working with Giulia I was really struggling with my body image, self confidence and felt like I had no purpose in the world. I was struggling with a lot of emotional pain. After working with Giulia, I’ve really come into my own. My body image has completely changed. I’m totally confident in myself and care a lot less about what other people think. It has been so life changing to take ownership of who I am again. This was a completely life changing experience.”

Kate S.


"Before I came to work with Giulia...
 I was struggling with negative self talk, feeling stuck, not feeling like my genuine self and having little motivation to make the changes that were neededOur time together made a great impact on my life, I was able to follow the action steps that were created during our sessions, Giulia helped me stay accountable & motivation was at a all time high.

I needed a reminder that I was strong and that I needed to show myself some love and compassion, and I got just that. She created a safe space for some major healing to occur and I can’t wait to work with her again."

Anna C.


After my first session over six months ago, I stopped bingeing to deal with my emotions and haven't eaten excessively since."

Emily D.


“The biggest shift I had around my body image was overcoming limiting beliefs I’ve held since I was 7 years old. I learned to no longer associate my worth with pressures I was putting on myself to be the thinnest. My biggest accomplishment working with her has been feeling more confident as myself. I used to be so scared of everything and I’ve experienced such a huge shift in the way I show up. Working with her you will feel the love, support and magic that she works with and there’s no doubt that even working with her for even a short amount of time is transformational.”




I'm Ready to Level-Up. BOOK MY CALL!


How exactly does this program work? 

This is a completely customized program to fit your unique goals and conquer your unique blocks so you get the best possible results. Using use our proven system and 4 phased approach we identify your emotional blocks and where you're getting stuck, unblock and heal you from your blocks, rewire new empowered beliefs and actions and watch you achieve the 360 degree confidence and magnetism you deserve. You will not find another program like this out there. This has been created just for you using modalities that are proven to get you the results you deserve. 


How will this program dramatically improve how I feel about my physical body and relationship with food if it’s not a diet or exercise program? 

The way we feel about our physical appearance is directly related to our subconscious beliefs. The most effective way of seeing shifts in your physical, mental or emotional self is to rewire the negative beliefs that you hold about yourself. The biggest and most profound changes that we create come from this level of change. No diet or exercise programs will produce these kinds of results. This program will allow you to identify your limiting beliefs and blocks, do the work to heal them, create new empowered belief systems and create a life that you deserve. You will feel more confident in yourself and in your body and the results will be dramatically seen and felt. Weight loss, increased energy, decreased stress, release of emotional eating and self-sabotaging patterns are all part of our signature system. Trust me, I got you. My clients have seen incredible, life altering results! I've been through the program myself and you can read my transformation throughout this page! 


I’ve been struggling with this for years and I’ve invested so much money on therapy, coaching, self development programs, how will I know this will work?

Trust me, I feel you. That was me. I've spent ten of THOUSANDS on self development programs and every type of therapy and practitioner out there. I know what works and what doesn't. This program was created specifically for you to see and feel the results you've always dreamed of. This is a proven system based on scientifically backed modalities that have produced incredible life changing results for all of my clients. We are healing the emotional root cause that is keeping you stuck so you can experience the freedom from these toxic patterns once and for all. This program is the perfect blend of science, psychology & spiritually, and when we master all three areas, you get unparalleled life changing results. 


How much does the BRAZEN BREAKTHROUGH cost?

Both the THE BRAZEN BODY BREAKTHROUGH  and the BRAZEN CONFIDENCE BREAKTHROUGH are completely customized programs because no two people are the same. When you book a call, we evaluate your goals, identify where you're struggling and from there we will identify the program option that will you get you the best results. There are varying prices dependent upon your unique journey. There are payment plans available for every transformational journey! 


How long is this program?

Our programs differ in length because they are customized to get you the best results. The minimum program length is 3 months in order to powerfully identify your blocks, rewire them at a subconscious level and create monumental and sustainable change. You can anticipate that there will be approximately 2.5 hours per week between our 1:1 time and empowered action steps, for a minimum of 3 months. The more time you can commit to the program, the more incredible your results will be!


How long will it take to see results?

You will start seeing and feeling results immediately. This is incredibly powerful work and we are in it to win it! I am here to support you to see and feel the results you've been dreaming of so rest assured that we're making it happen! I created this program from the belief that you shouldn't have to see 10 practitioners for years on end to FINALLY start seeing major results, this is about getting you there within weeks! 

I'm so ready for this. BOOK MY CALL!


  • You have been struggling with hating on your body for YEARS and want to see MASSIVE results in NOT just in body confidence. 
  • ​You are struggling with self-sabotaging patterns like emotional and binge eating 
  • ​You may have experienced a past trauma that has impacted how yo feel about yourself & your body
  • ​You are experiencing blocks in intimacy and / or having difficulty attracting the partner that you really deserve 
  • You are ready to build the most confidence you’ve ever had!
  • You are SO FED UP with feeling insecure and a slave to your inner critic and you are ready to REBEL against all the shit that has been holding you hostage in your life. 
  • ​You want to STOP HIDING and START SHINING
  • ​​You are done with crying over all the insecurity and comparison and want to be crying tears of gratitude instead. 
  • ​You have tried so many things to help you and beyond and nothing has proven to give you true lasting transformation! 
  • ​You are skeptical that a program that doesn't involve a gym or a trainer is going to give you MIND-BLOWING confidence
  • ​You are ready for your confidence breakthrough!


  • You are not extremely motivated to see yourself step into the confidence you actually deserve.
  • ​You have no struggles with your body image or self sabotaging eating or exercise patterns. 
  • ​You want a diet or exercise program.
  • You are not experiencing insecurity and a battle with your inner critic that's showing up in your relationships, career and health 
  • ​You do not see the value in investing in yourself 
  • ​You just want to just lose weight 
  • ​You aren’t willing, ready & committed to dive deep and do the work to conquer your old patterns and beliefs once and for all 
  • You don’t recognize that transformation takes hard work, commitment and showing up every single day


I am SO confident in this program and the results you will get that I will remove all the risk for you! 

If after our first session you don’t feel that you vibe with THE REBELLE WAY and don't feel it's right for you, I will happily issue you a refund. I only work with rebelle's that are motivated to create incredible results in their life and if it doesn't feel like this program will do that for you, then I want to see you find something that will! 



I'm Ready for it. BOOK MY CALL!