Are you READY

for this!

Is it time to...


Believing your body and YOU aren't NOT GOOD ENOUGH and constantly comparing yourself to others


OBSESSING OVER FOOD AND EXERCISE and feeling like nothing works to actually love your body!! 


obsessing over your looks and weight fearing REJECTION so much that you can't put yourself out there


from the anxiety, pain of unworthiness and insecurity about your body and yourself

And instead..


THE BOLD CONFIDENCE you never thought was possible in every single area of your life


  FEELING SEXY and CONFIDENT in not only your body but your WHOLE self


Being a MAGNET for everything you want and deserve in your life!


FREEDOM from self sabotaging behaviors and your critical inner voice and FINALLY BEING BOLD AND  UNAPOLOGETICALLY  YOU!

heal the battle with your body & food, unlock BOLD CONFIDENCE 


Let's Make it Happen!

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works....

Brazen Confidence Breakthrough Program

double your confidence 

silence self doubt

Release and rewire limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding your self confidence hostage so you can achieve the results you deserve in your body confidence, relationships, finances and career


emotional eating

FINALLY break free of painful addictive emotional eating patterns and self sabotaging habits that are preventing you from fully loving your body and yourself 


Find the peace you've been wating for with your body and food.

LOVE yOUR BODY like never before

Learn how to finally love and accept your body and develop a level of confidence you never thought possible. 

Overcome stubborn weight struggles and experience natural weight loss without diet or exercise! Get ready to STOP hiding and holding yourself back and start SHINING!

CONFIDence BREaKthrough in every area of your life

By healing the beliefs, self sabotaging patterns and blocks that are showing up with your body image, we unlock a  transformation in every single area of your life because it's ALL RELATED!! 

LEAP INTO THE WORTHINESS you truly deserve! 


"I LOST 30 lbs from following Giulia's program and methods over the 3 months

Sarah T

How We Do it 

12 week proven system

A proven 12 week system that is completely customized based on your unique blocks and struggles. We work intensively 1:1 to massively UP-LEVEL your CONFIDENCE, and conquer the blocks that are standing in your way in your body image, relationship with food and weight and how it's all blocking your career, relationships and life.

weekly transformation sessions

​​Weekly 1:1 Brazen Confidence Transformation Sessions in person (or Zoom) so you get incredible results and build a level of confidence that transforms not only your relationship with yourself, but your life as a whole.

online CONFIDENCE portal

​Exclusive access to a members only, online Confidence Portal where you unlock a proven 12 week system of meditations, tapping tools, manifesting exercises, reiki healing, energy healing (and SO much more), so you can take your healing and transformation to the next level! (Valued at 2K alone)

Top level of guidance, support & accountability

​Full guidance and support to hold you to the top level of accountability so you maximize your progress and ensure you never feel stuck or alone.

1:1 vip experience or small group

Choose your own adventure for your transformation. Join our Brazen Body Confidence Program through the 1:1 VIP experience or in our amazing small group transformation experience.


"After my first session over six months ago, I stopped bingeing to deal with my emotions and haven't eaten excessively since"

Anna C. 

Get Your Confidence Breakthrough

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