Love for BRazen


Jose R.L.

"Life was fine, but I had been feeling quite stuck in terms of personal growth for a while and didn’t know what to do. 

Counseling and coaching never seemed like good options for me, and I knew almost nothing about energy healing.

I knew Giulia through fitness, and booked a session at Brazen shortly after she launched it.

My mind was blown before our first session was even done. 

She talks to you with intention, asks you all the right questions, and holds space for you to uncover the answers you need (and sometimes answers you didn’t even know you needed). Whatever comes up, she shows what feels like unconditional support, and zero judgment.
Reiki is hard to put into words, but has been crucial through this whole process. So much, that I have enrolled in one of her courses so I can learn more about it. 

It’s been a few sessions now and I’m not stuck anymore. I’m learning to trust my intuition, and I’m starting to experience immense growth in every aspect of my life." 

Jill R.

"Every time I have had a session it has been so very powerful in different ways. From mental clarity, emotional and actual energy releases.

My experience with Giulia has completely changed my outlook on energy healing. I think her passion and love for people and the power in healing has a huge part in that.

As I went into my first session I may have been a bit sceptical but, I legit left with my mind blown. It was so powerful, and had me wanting more. Im so excited to continue to work with her, there is something so magical about what she is up to and I just want more."

Anna C.

"I came to work on self improvement and to explore different forms of energy healing. I have never done Reiki before, and it is powerful. I love it!  The Reiki sessions leave me feeling good impactful energy for up to a couple of weeks. It is wonderful.

Giulia provides a very comfortable, casual environment and vibe within her space. She is personable, knowledgable, and easy to talk to. The Reiki sessions are relaxing and euphoric; I feel like I'm in a safe space. She is committed, focussed, and genuine in her practice. The follow ups and check ins are mindful in staying connected and on track with the work. I like that she is engaging and wants to help people live the best version of their lives!"

Jana. M

"I met Giulia at a staff meeting and was immediately drawn to her warm presence! I have experienced a Reiki session before which wasn't near as great as the session I had with Giulia. In a short amount of time she made me feel cared for and welcomed and it truly was a one of a kind experience. Her energy is comforting and so genuine. I am extremely grateful to have met such an incredible woman!"

Hannah I. 

"I choose to go to Brazen because there were a few areas in my life where I was feeling stuck. I also wanted to give reiki another try as I hadn’t done it in over 10 years. 

The energy healing was an amazing and transformative experience for me. 

I went to Giulia feeling stuck and what I found was more then I could’ve imagined. Giulia was incredibly nurturing and heard what I needed more then I could. I found the energy healing hugely calming and felt such a release that continued on into my week.

Brazen Soul Rebellion was a transformative experience.

I can’t wait to continue on with Brazen."